Neon Saga Toys

Toys design / Package design
Original Chracter design / Illustration by Dipsy Ho

NEON SAGA is a retro-futuristic cyberpunk world created by artist Dipsy Ho.
This project assists the artist in correcting the proportions of the original characters and materializing them, creating hanging-card collectible toys that are more in line with the world setting.

NEON SAGA是由藝術家Dipsy Ho創造的復古美式cyberpunk世界觀。


We collaborated with Dipsy to readjust the body proportions of the original characters, highlighting their unique features with more powerful poses and intricate details. The project places a significant emphasis on the toy’s maneuverability, and through close collaboration with 3D modelers and artists, we found the most distinctive direction for toy production.

專案中非常注重玩具的可動性,夠過與 3D 建模師與藝術家的緊密協作,找到了最具特色的實體化玩具方向。

Original Ver.