Gong Zi X Aeemi

Project proposal / Visual design / Merchandise design / Package design / Poster design

This is a joint project planned by Gongzi Baking and Aeemi, a healing illustrator.
The project is themed around “Scene of Heartbreak” and has produced a series of merchandises, including the Heartbreak Aid Kit and Heartbreak Flipbook, with the aim of providing the warmest comfort to all those who are heartbroken.

為公子餅舖與療癒系插畫家 Aeemi 策劃的聯名企劃,以「心碎現場」為主題,延伸出系列周邊心碎急救包與心碎手轉書,給所有心碎的人最溫暖的拍拍。 


“Heartbreak is the most common disaster in modern society.”
Visual design of the “Scene of Heartbreak” project is centered around police blockades, using strong, high-contrast flashes to present the atmosphere of a crime scene while also creating a modern, minimalist tone. This is paired with the “Heartbreak Aid Kit” peripheral products to interpret a fun, yet sorrowful theme.



The merchandise  “Heartbreak Aid Kit” takes the first aid kit as its inspiration, extending Aeemi’s illustrations into a combination of comfort blankets and enamel cups. Wrapped in a blanket, holding a cup of hot drink, and paired with a delicious dessert gift box, it provides warmth and cuteness to you when you are feeling sad.



The fluorescent acrylic cover of Heartbreak Flipbook is paired with delicate metal parts, transforming Aeemi’s 24-frame animation into a playful and therapeutic design.